Benefits of getting IRB approval for the questionnaire

  • Getting the IRsB approval because it is a human subjects research which relates to biomedical or social-behavioral in nature.
  • Our questionnaires involves age,gender, technical problems & duties that will relate to the privacy.   
  • We would like to gather information about the experiences for the user and first responder for the apps that are already exist and the problems that have encounter
  • After collecting the details of how current 911 system work and feedback, we can publish data what we found from the research.
  • From the data, we will make adjustments to the screens for better improvements

Poster Design

  1. Elements of a poster
  • Title
  • Introduction(hypothesis)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements(optional)
  • References( use short in text citations instead of a section)
  1. Guidelines for Poster Design
  • Should appeal to your audience
  • Text should be large enough for far reading
  • Should be easy to follow
  • Easy to understand
  • Text should be simple
  1. Planning the poster
  • Determine the size and sketch it
  • Develop a hierarchy of information(start from general to specific)
  • Paper size must be the same for both poster and the design software
  1. Selecting fonts and text
  • Use no more than three fonts
  • Write titles in “sentence case’ instead of ‘title case’ or ‘ALL CAPS”
  • Use at least 48 point for titles and 24 point font for body text
  • Aim to have 800 words max
  • Cite Your sources
  • Make sure to provide empty space between each information (40% graphic ,35% empty space, 25% text)
  1. Making the poster
  • QuarkXPress,InDesign,LaTex,Scribus,Illustator
  • Save your poster to PDF


  • Marvin will print out the poster for us, but we need to review it before we hand it to him

Auto Dialer Security System

The purpose of the security system is to protect the environment from thieves and intruders.

  1. Auto Dial Security Alarm is one of the most important device for the owner
  • It has of motion sensor which detects the motion of a person in certain area being mounted( usually motion sensor mounts on doors and windows)
  • Once the sensor identifies the intruder(s), then the alarm will sound and even so it can automatically call up to 5 different preset numbers you have been selected
  • The sound will also let your neighbors know that there is something going on in the household
  • Furthermore, it provides the fast contact to the 911 emergency services once you receive the call from this alarm when there is no neighbors in your areas
  • It requires to install a battery connects to the AC adaptor and telephone line



Workshop Poster Presentations

1.How to Present Research

  • Poster has to be easy to understand &straight to point
  • Speak out background first

2.Crafting Story

  • Describe research topic
  • Introduce data and how you get it
  • What method of analysis?
  • Conclusion about the findings
  • what are the next step for research?Does it lead to a new research question and project question.

3.Creating Handouts

  • My name
  • Project title
  • Contact info
  • Small print of my poster
  • Supplemental information (data)
  • Optimize for letter size paper

4. Criteria for Effective Communication

  • Give audience your full attention
  • Be conversational-translate the poster that anyone can understand
  • Make eye-contact 70-80% of the time
  • Adapt the message to the audience
  • Make sure to smile and speak clearly
  • use sign post
  • speak clearly and loudly
  • taken form

5.Answering Questions

  • Be proactive-create a small FAQ based on what I think the most common questions will be
  • Get the audience involve to answer these questions
  • If I don’t know the answer, then don’t make up things and admit to the adudience

6.Managing Anxiety

  • Realize the nervousness is normal
  • Practice and preparation are the best ways to manage anxiety
  • Understand that it is ok to not have all the answers
  • Focus on speaking clearly

7.Day of the Presentation

  • Dress professionally
  • Wear a name tag if possible
  • Stay close to the poster
  • Engage people as they approach my poster

Disasters in U.S

U.S Disasters

  1. Hurricane Sandy
  • It was hit in the areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on October 29, 2012.
  • Heavy rain and storm caused 8.5 million people in the cold and dark without electricity
  • In the first 10 days, the emergency provided supplies to take care more than 70,000 survivors
  • The government given $6.5 million funding for survivors for the health care and critical care services.
  1. Hurricane Katrina
  • it was happened in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast
  • it also causes 1 million people to become homeless
  • During that month, the government provide 4 million funding to survives for the health care and supply
  • Moreover, they also given 24 million dollars in medical aid for the future 7 years.
  1. Joplin Tornado
  • It was the 7th deadliest tornado around the world happening in the Missoouri city of Joplin in May 22,2011.
  • More than 1,000 people got injured and it destroyed 75,000 residents and 9,200 people got displaced
  • By using the technology can reduce the risk of the incoming disasters

The Federal Emergency Management Agency gave $20 million for this tragically event in aid

4.911 attack in NYC

  • Islamic Terrorist attack in the United States in September 11, 2001 caused 3,000 people to death(including the first responders)
  • Two of the planes were hit on the twin towers in NYC. Additionally ,the other two hit both areas in Pentagon near Washington D.C and also the field in Pennsylvania
  • There were some of the Terrorists members hidden in United States who trained for the flight lessons and got ready for this combat

Tornado mostly happen in central and south United States. When the season is close to summer. The Tornado often occurs at that time .

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