CUNY Research Scholars Program

This project is funded by the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP).

The CUNY Research Scholars Program provides funded laboratory experiences for associate degree students over a one-­‐year period. The goal of the program is to encourage undergraduate participation in authentic research and to increase persistence in STEM disciplines.

Associate degree students at any stage in their academic career can participate. Students should commit to being part of the program for one full academic year plus the summer. It is understood that some students will transfer to the baccalaureate during the program and this may entail students leaving the college. Accordingly, some students may take a partial scholarship for work done during the semesters or the summer.

The Research Scholars Program will provide students with the opportunity to study and do research with a faculty mentor in a STEM field. In addition to the student’s participation in the research, the program will include lectures about lab safety, responsible conduct in research, and other guidance on research, and will culminate in a summer symposium. For participation in the program, students will receive a $1,000 fellowship during the fall semester, a $1,000 fellowship in the spring semester, and a $3,000 fellowship in the summer. These amounts may be adjusted by program directors to reflect a fair assessment of student participation. For example, if a student leaves early during the summer he/she may be provided with a pro-­‐rated amount. However, in no instance may a student receive more than $5,000. In order to maintain eligibility for the fellowships, students must engage in laboratory experiences in the STEM disciplines. This can also include computer laboratory experiences. At this time nursing is not considered a STEM discipline. The laboratory experience should last for one full academic year plus a summer program and students should complete 400 hours of research/independent study.