User Screens Design (Version 2)

After developing the wireframe we’ve decided to add color and organize the elements where they’d be placed in the finalized App concept for the main app screens.

User Screen Design:

User screen:

At the center,there is the map which can identifies your current emergency location. At the bottom, there are the three shortcut buttons to contact police, call 911 and EMS. If the users are  having the health issue and requesting for the emergency, they can just click the EMS button and  it brings them to the EMS dispatcher. Or when they are facing the problem that need the help from the police, they can click on the police button. If they don’t know which department they need to reach for help, then press call  911 button ,it will bring you the dispatcher and he/she will ask question about your emergency in order to determine what kind of the first responder to dispatch.


When a call is made through the app the default calling mode is Voice. The current calling mode is highlighted blue.











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