Rapid SOS


  • The app contains all the services include Fire, Police, Medical and also car crash in need.
  • With a single click, app can define a person’s location by calling (Even there is no mobile signal on the phone).
  • It can reach out to family members easily.
  • Free subscription for a year
  • Operating systems:IOS,Android
  • 90 days free with Family Yearly Plan $49.99/year
    30 days free with Family Monthly Plan $4.99/month
    For Personal Use:
    90 days free with Individual Yearly Plan $29.99/year
    30 days free with Individual Monthly Plan $2.99/month
  • Problem of rapid SOS is that one press button will reach to the emergency line, however, what if it is pressing the button by mistake?Developers in Boston have worked with global emergency response teams to create its One-Touch-911 app (pictured). Users can call the police, fire service, report a car crash or seek medical help at the press of a single button - and it works even if the user doesn't have signal



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