Crime and Free Wifi Services in NYC Subway Stations

Nowadays, the transportation system in NYC had improved a lot and started to have free wi-fi linked to the stations. We can consider the improvements to reduce risks happening in NYC subway. Especially when there was not many police officers on rush hours, the chance of criminal activity occur easily.

  1. Crime
  • The stations had most crime are Times Square, 125st, and 14st Union Square
  • The station had least crime are Aqueduct Racetrack, 77st and Hunter Point Ave
  • Of the crime activities, there were 70% physical force and 12.5% using knives. Moreover, 5.5% involved using a gun.

Nearly 40% of crimes occurred in midday hours 11am-5pm.


2. Free-WIfi

  • A BAI Communications company provides advanced cellular, Wi-Fi and for NYC wifi.
  • 278 underground stations has free-wifi mostly on Manhattan Areas
  • Services link to AT&T,T-MOBILE, and VERIZON. (nyc subway crime)   NYC Free-Wifi

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