False Alarm Calls

In 2001, police officers were sent to the 5756 alarm calls, less 1% activity is about criminal activity.

In 2002, police officers were sent to the 5688 alarm calls, also less 1% is about criminal activity.

The false alarm call brings a terrible impact to the 911 system; it makes the 911 and business call slow down.


The government attempts to do some following steps when people use the calls an alarm:

  • Verified responds
  • Fine driven responds
  • Cost recovery
  • Two-call verification

Also, the government tries to take actions to reduce the false alarm calls.

There is a fine if people execute a false alarm call. There is no fine for the first call, second call will be charged with $50, the third one is $100, four one is $150, five one is $200, and $250 for six one or above.




resources: http://www.popcenter.org/problems/false_alarms/

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