Process of making the questionnaire


  • The people we considered to interview about the 911 emergency  system are Caller, Dispatcher and First responder.
  • Also, the Age,Gender, and education level are important because the caller might describe their emergency type and current  location differently.
  • We have to know if  people have disability, if yes, what type of disability they have. Like speaking issue, walking problem, etc.
  • Language problem is the most important issue we had to consider about because United States is a big immigrant country. Many people live in here and most of them came from other country. If they are calling 9-1-1 and also they don’t understand English at all. What other language they can speak. Does anyone from their house can understand and speak English?
  • We might ask people who have called 9-1-1 about their experient, type of emergency they have?(like medical, police or fire issue)
  • Also consider about the time to call 911, like if they call 911 during the daytime that can get the responder faster? If they call it at the midnight , can you reach out to the Dispatcher for help or it take so long to reach?
  • The Place they report the emergency
  • The phone they use to call (like landline or Mobile )
  • neighborhood
  • Any difficulty you have when you try to reach out the  911 emergency system for help? ( Dispathcer can understand your descipiction of the emergency? Do they take so long to arrive to your emergency location? Ects)
  • Any recommendations the current 9-1-1 system can be improved?




  • Educational level or any certification to be as dispatcher. How long does they need to update your certification?
  • How long do they work as that position
  • What is your job about?
  • How you handle people who calling 911 emergency don’t speak English
  • Percentage of non emergency call
  • How to deal with non emergency call
  • Problem or difficult  of current 911 system
  • Recommendation to improve the current emergency system


First responder


  • In terms of the level of the emergency, how the first responder respond to it?
  • Technical problems and difficulties when handling the emergency
  • The time it takes to get to the scene
  • How do the first responder interact with each other
  • Feedback about the current system
  • How do the dispatcher get into the third party for translation?
  • Neighborhood
  • Accuracy of determine the location

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