User Interface Wireframe

User screen:

At the center,there is the map which can identifies your current emergency location. At the bottom, there are the three shortcut buttons to contact police, call 911 and EMS. If the users are  having the health issue and requesting for the emergency, they can just click the EMS button and  it brings them to the EMS dispatcher. Or when they are facing the problem that need the help from the police, they can click on the police button. If they don’t know which department they need to reach for help, then press call  911 button ,it will bring you the dispatcher and he/she will ask question about your emergency in order to determine what kind of the first responder to dispatch.

On the top right corner of the screen there is a  flag logo which includes the language function that the user can choose  their preferred language.

On the top  left corner of the screen we have the menu function which contains sign/login, setting and feedback buttons.


Once you click on the call 911 button, it will bring you the contacting 911 page. You can either select video, voice or text function to communicate with the dispatcher.
The voice function is just like the regular calling, if you don’t like to use the voice function,then you change to the video or text function.

The video function is good for people who have the emergency , the dispatcher is able to see your current situation and informs you what the next step to do or how to manipulate the scene until the first responder arrive.


The user are allowed to switch the communication’s way to texting. It is beneficial for the case of people have a the emergency and they can’t talk. So, the user can text their problem to the dispatcher. Moreover, the user is able use the camera to capture the picture of the emergency’s status and report them as the evidence. Furthermore, if the user are accidently call the 911, there is the end call that they can cancel that call.



When the users click  the “login” button on menu function, it bring them to  the login page



For first step, you need to enter your email and the password.

you need to enter your email and password, the next page of sign up, you need to enter your first and last name, your current living address.



















Also, additional information page, it will ask if the user are disabled or not, if yes, explain what kind of the disability.  Moreover, it will ask your health condition and your allergies status. that ‘s all for user to sign up the account. Once the user sign up the account and when they are calling the 911, the dispatcher will able to see their name and all condition they filled out.


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