Poster Design

  1. Elements of a poster
  • Title
  • Introduction(hypothesis)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements(optional)
  • References( use short in text citations instead of a section)
  1. Guidelines for Poster Design
  • Should appeal to your audience
  • Text should be large enough for far reading
  • Should be easy to follow
  • Easy to understand
  • Text should be simple
  1. Planning the poster
  • Determine the size and sketch it
  • Develop a hierarchy of information(start from general to specific)
  • Paper size must be the same for both poster and the design software
  1. Selecting fonts and text
  • Use no more than three fonts
  • Write titles in “sentence case’ instead of ‘title case’ or ‘ALL CAPS”
  • Use at least 48 point for titles and 24 point font for body text
  • Aim to have 800 words max
  • Cite Your sources
  • Make sure to provide empty space between each information (40% graphic ,35% empty space, 25% text)
  1. Making the poster
  • QuarkXPress,InDesign,LaTex,Scribus,Illustator
  • Save your poster to PDF


  • Marvin will print out the poster for us, but we need to review it before we hand it to him

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