Workshop Poster Presentations

1.How to Present Research

  • Poster has to be easy to understand &straight to point
  • Speak out background first

2.Crafting Story

  • Describe research topic
  • Introduce data and how you get it
  • What method of analysis?
  • Conclusion about the findings
  • what are the next step for research?Does it lead to a new research question and project question.

3.Creating Handouts

  • My name
  • Project title
  • Contact info
  • Small print of my poster
  • Supplemental information (data)
  • Optimize for letter size paper

4. Criteria for Effective Communication

  • Give audience your full attention
  • Be conversational-translate the poster that anyone can understand
  • Make eye-contact 70-80% of the time
  • Adapt the message to the audience
  • Make sure to smile and speak clearly
  • use sign post
  • speak clearly and loudly
  • taken form

5.Answering Questions

  • Be proactive-create a small FAQ based on what I think the most common questions will be
  • Get the audience involve to answer these questions
  • If I don’t know the answer, then don’t make up things and admit to the adudience

6.Managing Anxiety

  • Realize the nervousness is normal
  • Practice and preparation are the best ways to manage anxiety
  • Understand that it is ok to not have all the answers
  • Focus on speaking clearly

7.Day of the Presentation

  • Dress professionally
  • Wear a name tag if possible
  • Stay close to the poster
  • Engage people as they approach my poster

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